Christine Rhyner

Meet Christine

I grew up in the village of Tuckahoe in Westchester County, New York. After high school I studied Liberal Arts and writing at Marymount College. Then, I transferred to the State University at Brockport, NY, where I earned a B.S. in Communication/Journalism.

Journalism did not fulfill me with the creative outlet I wanted. I then tried on a lot of work hats. I worked in advertising, then managed a comedy club, did crisis counseling, waited tables at a café in the West Village, then did copy editing for a marketing firm in Connecticut.

I accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior at thirty-two, and shortly thereafter, God gave me a helpmate and husband, John Rhyner. I relocated to his native Long Island, NY, where I published articles on infertility, bioethics and adoption. Two years later, God orchestrated an international adoption journey that enormously tested our faith and blessed us with Lucas from Vietnam. Two years later, Olivia from China, joined our family. I published “How much did you pay for her? Forgiving the Words That Hurt Adoptive Families” with CLC Publications after many crazy questions posed to me about my children.

I took a bit of a writing hiatus. God used this time for painful testing and growth. It is out of His great love to allow affliction for greater maturity in the faith. We need that as a body during the times we are living in that the Bible refers to as ‘the beginning of sorrows,’ when deception and lovelessness, chaos and confusion abound. He showed me it is the hour to recommit to the faith, repent, take hold of true identity in Christ and put on His full armor to withstand the shaking ahead. He has led me to update my website and focus on the urgency to boldly share the gospel message at this late hour while the window of opportunity is still open. 

The extending of grace, understanding and forgiveness through Jesus Christ to the world that I wrote about in my book, are more crucial than ever. My hope and prayers are that my writing plays a small part to plant seeds in those who are hurting, confused and whom God is calling, and, to encourage other Christians to a greater piercing of the darkness with the light of God’s truths.

Keep your eyes on the prize.