Christine Rhyner

Meet Christine

Christine Rhyner is an adoption advocate, mother to two internationally adopted children and a Christian "work in progress." She writes about infertility, reproductive technologies, adoption and personal experience. Her debut book, "How much did you pay for her? Forgiving the Words That Hurt Adoptive Families" is a raw and honest account of her struggles and triumphs in these areas, highlighting a need for forgiveness before, during and after an adoption journey. Her work aims to provide families with helpful, Biblically-based ways to achieve freedom from hurt, resentment and guilt.

Rhyner has been influenced by a wide array of authors from William Faulkner—an early favorite, to C.S. Lewis to the more contemporary such as Stephen King and Joel C. Rosenberg. While she loves a suspense thriller in either book or movie form, she is also deeply concerned with political and societal issues. She enjoys communicating in many genres. But time and again she returns to nonfiction bolstered by her passion to explore truth, expose deception and help readers emerge more hopeful through some of life’s most difficult life experiences. Unconventional and often controversial, she tackles issues that can be ignored or uncomfortable to address, but she feels are important to peel back and examine below the surface.

“God will unravel us layer after layer like an onion because he loves to get to the very heart of things, healing us from the inside out.”  Christine  

She lives in Long Island, New York with husband John, Lucas and Olivia and her two dogs, Cole and Callie.