Christine Rhyner

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Clips from Heaven & Hell on Earth

And Why They Matter


Shakespeare summed it up in “All the World’s a Stage.”

We are performers. We play inquisitive child, seeking student, restless, young adult, employee, parent, and so on. While our life stories play out, we are cast in scenes that seem “other-worldly.” We “sense” an imminence of divinity or malevolence.

Why? It has been said that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Humans have an innate spiritual sensitivity, most notably evidenced by our quest to connect with something or someone more powerful than we are. And, by our insatiable thirst for knowledge of spiritual matters, in particular, an answer to the big question: “What happens to us after we die?”

Script-Flips demonstrates that we are eternal spirits given glimpses of heaven and hell on earth while living out the the scripts of our lives. These matter, shape our views about spirituality and, through our free will determine who we follow.       test