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The Radicalization of Hillary and the Democrat Party (PART 1 OF 2)
4/15/2016 2:51:12 PM by: Christine

Hillary spoke at an anti-Republican ‘hate-fest’ at the venue of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network.

If this sounds harsh, well, she was. The Democratic Presidential candidate with the most likely path to the nomination wants the nation to ‘heal’ and be made ‘whole.’ Yet, ironically she just can’t seem to deliver one sentence in which she doesn’t bash Republicans or twist their words and motivations to make them sound downright evil. In fact, as we heard her say in one debate that seems eons ago now, she is “proudest” to have made the Republicans her number one enemy.

Wow. It’s not that I think the Republican Party is to be highly esteemed. And no one Republican nor Democrat is squeaky clean. Yet, I wonder if Hillary realizes her comments alienate over half of the country supporting a Republican for the next Commander-in-Chief. How does one unite a nation when not even pretending to hide her contempt for roughly half of it?

First, I’ll put aside the all-important abortion and LGBT rights issues because I know full well there are those incapable of supporting a politician unless they promote and protect these. But there is a much, much larger picture here:

Hillary’s promises-- from her lips to your ears-- add up to about one trillion dollars in extra taxes for the average American. The entire budget for the nation is approximately 17 trillion dollars. Do the math and we are talking big-time taxes, including her plan to sift off from capital gains. That would negatively affect investment in this country.  

But she has to make big promises. She is no longer the ‘Clinton’ of her husband Bill’s days in the Oval Office. Then the Clintons were moderate, centrist Democrats. By stark contrast, Bill gets heckled on the campaign trail for policies that greatly reduced crime while she runs against everything ‘they’ stood for twenty years ago. The only explanation for Hillary’s transformation is that she has now been radicalized by the Obama administration, one that has pushed the party so far left that a self-proclaimed socialist is the rival who has no doubt gotten under her reptilian skin with the traction he has gained.

Very simply, her values have morphed out of pure greed for Democrat votes. The more votes the more power. The more power the more money, control, glory, domination of a Democratic party over a nation. That is despotic. That is NOT a free America. That is rather like an ideology Isis maintains. In fact, part of her motivation to sacrifice the lives of those in Benghazi was a reprehensible decision to not have Obama’s re-election efforts undermined. If someone is complicit in shedding blood to maintain power, nothing will stop them. The Democratic machine is such an enormous bureaucracy one can’t help but wonder where does it ever end?

As part of this administration she would, should she succeed, continue in its thunderous footsteps. But in no way can this giant, complex, well-oiled, far-reaching, powerful, moneyed machine make a nation whole. And Hillary is no healer. With the demise of the nuclear family and lack of consequences for increasingly disgusting behavior, no leader can reach into people’s hearts to get at the issues that are making our nation sicker by the day. Especially when that person thinks that the answer to the very problems they have contributed to is more government intervention.

For instance, she can’t make a baby daddy stay and help raise shared children. She can’t make churches grow and flourish in crime-infested, crumbling communities. She cannot make communities and families look up from cell phones and reach out to meet the needs and best interests of others, encouraging, lifting up and guiding the struggling, the hurting, our youth. But she can and will create more social welfare programs.

She can’t stop people from making poor choices that lead to unwanted pregnancies, but she will make sure abortion is encouraged and protected for all. She cannot stop hundreds of thousands of teachers from being assaulted by disrespectful kids who are not being taught how to behave. But, she will work to make sure less people, including out of control youth, never face well-deserved consequences for lawless, violent behavior lest activists shout racial injustice. 

Hillary will not work toward ending the diabolical Iran deal made on her watch or terrorism that is growing like an angry weed. She is too consumed with global warming. But, she will make sure to open wide our doors to non-assimilating migrants and money making sanctuary cities. She will wag her finger at and chastise a nation for anti-Muslim sentiments when what we want is simply someone who will give immigration a reality check and protect us. And she will surround herself with people like Valerie Jarrett, a tight member of Obama’s inner circle of cheerleaders, who is a self-proclaimed Islamist working to impose her religion’s beliefs on America and “use the U.S.’s freedom of religion against itself.” If that doesn’t give one pause and chills, nothing will.

She can’t push back against our clear and present danger, radical Islamist terrorism—because that would be ‘racist.’ But she will roll in at minimum, 65,000 refugees. Meanwhile we look at Paris, Belgium and other parts of the world that have welcomed immigrants from virulent countries and see a destructive entity among them. Police won’t enter certain radicalized neighborhoods because they are too dangerous. Women are physically assaulted, raped and afraid. Canada, with the liberal Trudeau in power, has begun to see trouble brewing from lax immigration. The latest incident was a group of Muslim schoolchildren strangling an eight year-old with a chain while yelling about global domination. Fortunately, the poor little ‘orphans’ were stopped short of their murderous act. Terrorism is at our FRONT DOOR. And at the back door, sits an Islamic camp no less than eight miles from the southern border. 

Do we really want this woman pouring more accelerant on a globe on fire and a country in many ways at war with itself? A cautionary truism is that as the government provides, the government decides. 

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