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Day of Mourning, Day of Shame
Saturday, January 22, 2022 by Christine


Today is the forty-ninth anniversary of Roe versus Wade, making abortion legal by the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States in 1973. Many of us who were buoyed yesterday by the March for Life in Washington, DC and by similar marches around the country in defense of the lives of the pre-born are today filled with mourning today for the approximate sixty to seventy million American lives snuffed out by abortion.

With the grief is a deep shame we bear in our hearts as pro-life citizens of a nation whose highest court in the land sanctioned the murder of human beings, smoothed over by politicians and the medical establishment with the words that it would only happen in the tiniest numbers of pregnancies, tragically out of medical necessity. If only the seven men who made this decision, and the women who thereby lawfully terminated pregnancies, could peer into the future to see that was a lie that would turn the rare and tragic into an international movement obsessed with murdering babies. A revolution that would boldly refute science and the truth of human biology.

The ultrasound was in the future, and when it had begun to be used to peer into the womb of a mother, it exposed the lie that objectified babies as clumps of inhuman cells. It continued to reveal the truth that a pre-born baby at just ten weeks of gestation would instinctively move away from an abortion instrument. Proof that a pre-born child has a heartbeat at two to three weeks of development. Brain development at six weeks. If we declare a stopped heart or a brain that is dead the tragic and mournful end of a life, how can such large numbers of otherwise good people in America that support abortion steel their hearts against celebrating all beating hearts and functioning brains six weeks after conception? Even in certain states that consider themselves advocates for the pre-born, their laws hypocritically and with willful scientific illiteracy restrict abortion at ten weeks, or fifteen, or in some cases, twenty-four weeks. No educated or moral mind can arbitrarily decide an acceptable period of time to terminate the life of a fellow human being.

Cracking the code of human DNA was in the future in 1973. If only seven men sitting on the Supreme Court, and women who believed their bodies contained clumps of cells could imagine the wonder of DNA. After Watson and Crick discovered DNA achieving a scientific milestone that would expand and grow exponentially long after they died, geneticists, doctors and the scientific community were enlightened bit by bit with observable data that a complete set of DNA exists in every child in the womb at the moment of conception. For some time now, the scientific community has known that at the moment of conception there is a spark of light.

In the book of Genesis, Chapter One, the earth was void, dark and without form. God commands the light to exist and it does. In Psalm 139: 15-16, the psalmist declares that God created his own life also in a dark place without form, ‘My frame was not hidden from You when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed.’

With a burst of light, now powerfully documented through science and technology in the twenty-first century, God pours forth His power, His personality, His artistic expression as the Master Designer and Artist, in the creation of every human being. It is His DNA created in the light, for He fashions us in His own image, not after birth, but when egg and sperm meet and every strand of DNA in a unique individual is present.

In Psalm 139:13, the psalmist says, ‘For You formed my inward parts.’ Those inmost parts within all human beings’ DNA are our proclivities, curiosities, gifts, talents and purposes given by God and for God and even weaknesses and obstacles to overcome through Him, already spoken into existence by God at the moment of conception. The parallels of God calling forth light over the earth, to calling forth light at the conception of man speaks of such an awesome Creator who values us immensely. He destined us for greatness but greatness cannot be achieved in the darkness of a manipulated educational system, algorithmically controlled information, squelched curiosity, suppressed expression, psychologically manipulated fears, mass media distractions, cancelled weaknesses and the eradication of brilliant, Godly historical figures who were freely exercising ten parts of their brains to our flabby few.  

While God is light, His creation is light, and spiritual illumination is a light He places in our hearts, men and women who believe the lies about abortion are in darkness in knowledge and spirit. How can so many in a nation be uneducated about science and apathetic to the horrific reality that such a decision by the highest court in the land was taken advantage of by scientific elites unleashing all moral and ethical restraints to what we do to lives in the womb? Aren’t most people including the Supreme Court aware that the barbaric slaughter of babies is a multi-billion dollar industry which in turn profits from their body parts as commodities used for gruesome scientific and technological experimentation that Hitler could never have imagined? Have we become so spiritually dead and depraved that we turn a blind eye to the passing of infanticide leglislation to remove organs from living babies? So callous and desensitized that we do and say nothing about pieces of rats sewn onto cruelly aborted babies’ heads? What if those seven men and the women who thought they carried inhuman clumps of cells in their bodies could only see the perverse future in store from making abortion the law of the land?

What if those seven men in robes on our Supreme Court had any knowledge of the writings of Fabian Socialists like Bertrand Russell, Aldous Huxley, H.G. Wells who were not hiding their goals for a one world government achieved through things like universal birth control, depopulation, eugenics, selective breeding, advances in physiology, psychology, educational models and technology to control minds. Apparently, the majority of those men were grossly ignorant that opening a pandora’s box of abortion would allow propagandizing intellectuals at the top – the ones attending the World Economic Forum – who believe in one world government, a New World Order –to applaud the psychological manipulation and dumbing down of society that demands baby slaughter while it increasingly disparages traditional family, the glue that holds societies together. One can even make the case that we’re witnessing a sort of mass hypnosis of the college educated who are more indoctrinated than educated, because of atheistic, one world government socialists.

John Dewey (1859-1952) was the father of modern public education and one of the original signers of the “Humanist Manifesto.” He believed the public school should promote a Marxist socialist worldview and eradicate Christianity. “Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming.” My God, open your eyes, Supreme Court. Dewey and his fellow proponents of humanism and a New World Order have achieved the goal and the masses never saw it coming or how abortion would be a vehicle to get here. To watch college students protest for abortion, actually swallowing do it yourself at-home abortion pills while shouting ‘We love abortion’ does not spring from educated minds at all, but ones the elites have succeeded in programming.

The pro-abortion battle is fierce, with Biden’s Press Secretary purposefully spouting the big lies of abortion as Women’s Healthcare (it always kills a patient) and Reproductive Rights (A woman exercises her reproductive right by getting pregnant) and Biden’s commitment to upholding them, while Godly men and women who believe in the Sanctity of Life spoke, prayed and marched right outside of the doors to the WH. The pro-abortion battle is fierce in malevolent efforts to depopulate the globe and to use medico-technology to play little gods with babies’ bodies. To America’s great shame, it has pushed its baby killing onto the globe. We are not only going to pay for more and more of it on this planet according to the spokesmouth for the Scientific Elites and Technocrats really running nations, Biden, but we also force poor nations that oppose abortion to perform them with the threat of withholding much needed aid!

 The big lie of abortion is ‘I.’ ‘My body, my choice.’ It is a barbaric practice committed out of self-love. It is love of me, my sexual pleasures, me living out my truth, me not hurting anybody. It is wedded to the big lie of the existential threat of climate change, which is ‘we.’ Articles like, “Is it Even Moral to Have Kids with Climate Change?” are promulgated to propagandize that there is a sort of virtuosity in abortion. It is purely delusional thinking a generation now accepts that the selfishness of destroying life in the womb is a beneficent gift to the globe and the people who inhabit it. A growing number of young people now refuse to procreate in order to ‘save the planet’ from an increased carbon footprint. Completely insane Eco-radicals claim the planet must be rid of all human inhabitants to survive. Some suggest we beam earthlings to Mars to be good to planet earth.

The Supreme Court was established to uphold our Founding Documents. The most basic of these is our Declaration of Independence that holds truth as self-evident that all men are created equal by God, and it is He, with Supremacy over our nation and laws Who has given us unalienable rights that government has been forbidden to usurp of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. By denying a right to life for a population of babies just in our own country as numerous as the entire nation of Great Britain, the other two untouchable rights were wrested away from them all. The Supreme Court also has a responsibility to uphold and accurately interpret our Constitution. To strike down Roe would be to admonish and correct all of the politicians and abortion activists falsely claiming that someplace in our Constitution is the right to unilaterally decide to kill another human being. That is the precise definition of murder, to be found nowhere in the Constitution of the United States.

I urge our nine justices on the Supreme Court to read the writings of the aforementioned humanists, atheists and one world government advocates. I implore them to read them not as science fiction or fascinating secular prophecy, but as plans already in the making seventy-five years ago that have come to fruition.  

Along with tens of millions of my fellow pro-life advocates, I would like to see Roe undone at the federal level and returned to the states. Of course, the Democrat states will protect the barbarism of slaughtering human beings and selling their pieces for profit by continuing to delude the masses that evil is good and good is evil. I do hope everyone who supports abortion will elect to live in Democrat states so that they can put their money where their mouths are and pay for murder with their taxes. I will empathize with people who have no choice but to live in these states and be financially complicit in abortion. I will pity women harmed by an acceleration of the production and distribution of dangerous mail order abortion pills. I will pray for the corporations and filmmakers who are but pawns of much more powerful, nefarious entities that blindly boycott states that ban abortion. I will weep at the increased division with even greater demonization of pro-life states. I will mourn for those who do not see any correlation between the bad things happening to America over the near half century we have been killing God’s heritage and the worse things to come if we do not stop. And I will continue to open my mouth for the speechless, in the cause of all who are appointed to die, as Proverbs 31:8 says to do for those who remain choiceless and without rights, taken to an appointment at the Temple of Child Sacrifice, Planned Parenthood.

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