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Democrats' Despicable, Advantageous Use of the Elderly
Friday, April 23, 2021 by Christine


Democrats’ Despicable, Advantageous Use of the Elderly

‘Do not take advantage of a widow…If you do and they cry out to me, I will certainly hear their cries. My anger will be aroused…’ Exodus 22:22


Maybe you are a New Yorker who lost a loved one to Chinese Communist bioterrorism ( I will call it what it is), in the form of a plague in a nursing home facility at the in the epicenter of the globe for it. There are thousands of us, denied autopsies on our family members, leaving us without the truth of just what they died from. We could not hold funerals. If we did, New York state limited them to just two people. With no official gathering to mourn the loss and celebrate the life and legacy of a loved one, it can feel as though that family member has vanished for a time, but still exists someplace in this world. My great-aunt persists in my mind as if alive, and will once again smile as family enter her room with flowers, bring her much-loved dog for a visit, or pick her up to take her home for a holiday gathering. We have not had closure after the sanctity of the lives of the both precious and vulnerable was also denied.

My loved one survived an encounter with Hitler and Mussolini as young girl in Austria. Without the evidence to dispute it, but rather pointing to it, she did not survive Governor Cuomo. Hundreds of thousands of Americans across this nation feel betrayed by Governor Cuomo’s decision to place Chi-Comm plague positive patients into these facilities. This is his executive order from March 25, 2020, mandating nursing homes to admit or re-admit people with either confirmed or suspected Chi-Comm plague diagnoses, while prohibiting testing for the disease.


The irony is that Cuomo issued this executive order after announcing that President Trump was sending the USS Comfort to assist in the plague emergency.

Though Cuomo said that the USS Comfort would ‘bring comfort and save lives,’ The Navy Times reported that the crew of one-thousand-two-hundred, with its one-thousand bed capacity treated just one-hundred-and-eighty-two patients, seventy percent or less than just one-hundred-and-thirty of whom were Chi-Comm bioterrorism victims.

While President Trump turned the Javitz Center into a fifty-two-million dollar, one-thousand patient makeshift hospital, The New York Times reported that it treated a miniscule, seventy-nine Chinese Communist plague patients.

Additionally, Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian ministry headed up by Franklin Graham, son of evangelist Billy Graham, graciously set up a volunteer, mobile hospital in Central Park. But not before there were vicious attacks by politicians and officials in New York on Samaritan’s Purse as a bigoted and hateful organization. They were actually accused by ‘woke’ politicians and a militantly LGBT community of wanting to kill homosexuals in adherence to Biblical beliefs. It was only grudgingly that they were allowed to treat patients, but were only sent a fraction of those they were equipped to help. They were run out of Central Park at the first sign of a decline in cases.

Governor Cuomo lied in his daily press conferences when he stated, ‘Your mutha isn’t expendable. My mutha isn’t expendable.’ Up to 17,000 of our loved ones were, while he used his position to give preferential treatment to his own mother. Yet, he wrote a self-congratulatory book on his success in handling the virus, specifically denied that God’s mercy and healing or prayers of many had any bearing on any decline in cases, and was given an Emmy Award for the blood on his hands. Sending this lethal virus into residences of our most frail and vulnerable where staff was ill-equipped to treat it, justifies the public sentiment that he and those surrounding and covering for him are indifferent to human life, despite whatever lip service he gives to the camera. His pervasive actions are those of a man who seems to have a special penchant for death, celebrating the passing of infanticide legislation by lighting up New York monuments pink. He is an ardent supporter of euthanasia, and his wretched, identity politics-inspired bail reform has led to countless rapes and even murders of the elderly. President Trump invited the loved ones of a 93-year-old immigrant who was brutally raped and strangled by an illegal alien who already had an ICE detainer on him for previous criminal behavior to the White House. Governor Cuomo was silent on the egregious outcome of his own policy.

After an admission by his staff that in fact, the true numbers of nursing home residents’ deaths were covered up, who was truly surprised? Who among us is not left feeling justice will be denied as a charge of obstruction of justice is leveled against the governor as opposed to reckless homicide?

But it is not just Governor Cuomo who took advantage of the vulnerability of the elderly. Democrat-run New Jersey, Pennslyvania and Michigan also issued such orders for the Chi-Comm plague infected to be placed in elder care facilities. A tragic and reprehensible video circulated of an elderly resident repeatedly punched in the head by a twenty-year old in Gretchen Whitmer’s Michigan. As governor of the state she, her staff and the propaganda media said nothing about this. The man has died from his injuries and perhaps in conjunction with the despondency and grief over isolation and abuse in his golden years. She now denies culpability for any of the many cases of purposeful death by her own orders to nursing homes.

One dark possibility is that Democrats running these states took advantage of those who cannot defend themselves or speak out, and whose advocates were denied access to them, as a means to inflate numbers of deaths. One must think like a Democrat, who blatantly wants to justify tyrannical, extra-Constitutional emergency powers for thirteen months now, perpetuating fear with tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths. Fear is power to get people to give up freedoms, small business incomes and any semblance of normalcy, and a major driver of their narratives.

Another despicable possibility is that they may even have intentionally sacrificed what they consider the ‘expensive and burdensome’ to save tanking Medicare programs. One might view it as a preview of their Medicare for All deception to run healthcare, which is in reality, Medicare for None. In nations with a fraction of our population that rely solely on government-run medical services, euthanasia of the elderly is encouraged and often performed by force. It is no secret that Governor Cuomo’s state budget goes through a sieve to illegal aliens, welfare scammers and disability cheats. With the border wide open, hospitals and doctors having gone out of business due to lockdowns, and the devious push of Democrats to seize healthcare with bureaucrats making life and death decisions, the outlook is grim for the elderly. Elevating the migrant while making executive orders and passing legislation that makes babies and seniors disposable is criminal and morally bankrupt. But then these two groups of human beings provide far fewer Democrat votes than illegal aliens. Democrat governors, you in no way should receive Emmy’s or a pass by the despicable media engaged in warfare on the public, but Covid-Shame Awards, prosecutions and jail sentences.

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